Outdoor installation for KSAT – Atlas of the least obvious

You’ve probably had this feeling. This sucking feeling in your gut telling you it’s pointless. Putting a matt veil over your thoughts, dimming your vision, smudging the edges of everything that you try to keep sharp and polished.
We all have our ways to keep the edges from going blunt. Some put their faith in religion. Other consume loads of things they don’t need or work their heads off with whatever duties they imagine their occupation might require from them. Some create art.

It all comes down to taking control over this black hole filling us with doubt. So we try to have faith.
And when faith starts unfolding its pretty little wings to take of into the sky, leaving us lonely and confused on the trembling ground; we create order. Semi-complex systems of paths to walk down and to avoid. Some of them just end half-way. Others take a left and then a left and then a left into an eternal loop.
So: whilst you’re comparing the works of great artists, I’m walking back and forth between my kitchen and the hallway checking that the stove is turned off. Flicking the light switch an even number of times every time I leave the room.

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