What’s up north?//Malmö Nordic//Form&Design center

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Interactive illustration for the group exhibition “”What’s up north?” at Form&Design Center. 

The exhibition formed part in a major art initative named Malmö Nordic consisting of a collaboration between Malmö’s major art institutions, the city’s art galleries and other actors within contemporary art, presenting a variety of exhibitions and events from a “nordic” perspective – running exhibitions and workshops between the 3rd of May-8th of September 2013.

Our piece is an interpretation of a number of texts that trend setters in nordic illustration have written about contemporary nordic illustration for the group exhibition. Some of the rooms in the house are left unfinished in order for us to realize the ideas and interpretations that the visitors have on the texts. Visitors are also asked to suggest book titles to fill in the blank book spines with. All suggestions are collected in a box, standing next to pens, markers and blank sheets of paper.